Using your feedback to improve Buzz

Last Tuesday we introduced Google Buzz, a new way to start conversations and share updates, links and more. In the days since we launched, we've heard a lot of feedback about how Buzz works.

We've heard your concerns loud and clear, and we've already taken steps to address them. On Thursday we made some improvements to Buzz so that privacy controls are more visible and useful. And yesterday afternoon we announced further changes that we'll be rolling out over the next few days — including modifying the start-up process so that you review our suggestions for people to follow (rather than automatically following them from the get-go), and adding a Buzz tab to the Gmail settings page so that privacy controls are more easily accessible.

At Google, we like to respond to user feedback, then iterate based on that feedback. So thanks for speaking up. We've been working quickly over the holiday weekend to incorporate the new changes into Buzz, and we'll be continuing to improve your user experience.