Video of Power in Numbers: Unleashing Innovation in Home Energy

Posted by David Green, Global Communications and Public Affairs

Access to information about our home energy use can teach us all sorts of things about the appliances in our homes and how they interact with the electric grid. At an event we recently co-hosted with The Climate Group, the President’s most senior White House energy official, Carol Browner, told a story about how one of her colleagues did a home energy audit. During the audit, he discovered that one of his two stereos was using more than twice as much energy as the other. Both played music well, but it cost him twice as much to listen on one of the stereos.

We know that when people have access to their energy data, they tend to make simple behavioral decisions that save money and energy. For some that means smarter usage, like using the more efficient stereo. This is one of the small changes that can make a meaningful impact that was discussed at the event. If you’re interested in more about the technology and policies needed to drive innovation in home energy use, video from the half day program is available here.

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