Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group poised for launch

For some time now, we’ve been advocating for the formation of a group of technical experts to put forward their best thinking on how to manage broadband networks in ways that still preserve and promote an open Internet. We’ve worked closely with Verizon and others in the Internet sector to further develop the concept, and we’re excited by today’s announcement that the Broadband Internet Technical Advisory Group , or BITAG, has begun the process of formally launching.

To be clear, the BITAG is still very much a work in progress, and we welcome the involvement of other interested entities, especially those representing the Internet user community. Further, the purpose of the BITAG is not to replace the oversight and enforcement authority of the FCC or any other government body. Rather, we hope the BITAG can bring together some of the smartest technical minds in this space to provide some useful guidance to policymakers and Internet stakeholders alike.