Empowering users to control their privacy

Updated video added below

How do you come up with solutions for online privacy when technology is constantly evolving? It’s a challenge that engineers face every day when figuring out how to make it intuitive, simple, and useful for Internet users to take control of their privacy and security. It’s also the topic that Dr. Alma Whitten, Google’s lead privacy engineer, will be addressing alongside representatives from Apple, AT&T, and Facebook later today at a Senate Commerce Committee hearing.

Alma’s testimony will focus on how we put our privacy principles into practice. She’ll talk about products like the Google Dashboard (which provides users with a one-stop, easy-to-use control panel for the information they store with their Google accounts and products) and our Ads Preferences Manager (which allows users to edit the categories used to serve them interest-based ads, or opt out altogether). These are examples of how we’ve developed privacy tools by focusing on transparency, user control, and security.

You can read Alma’s full written testimony here, or watch the video below.