Helping Virginians vote

(Cross-posted from the Google Public Sector Blog.)

Last year we worked with partners to launch tools that made it easier to find basic voting information like when to register, where to vote, and how to contact your local election office.

We're back at it this year, helping Virginians vote in the upcoming 2009 general election with the Virginia Voting Info Map and gadget, which uses a data feed built by the Virginia State Board of Elections.

If you vote in Virginia, you can enter the home address where you're registered and receive the following information:
  • Your polling place address and directions to get there
  • Candidates on your ballot, along with a link to their websites (when available)
  • Absentee voting information
  • Your local election office address and phone number
Here's a working version for you to try out:

You can easily add the gadget to your site, as the Bob McDonnell campaign has done.

The Voting Information Project, founded by the Pew Center on the States and Google, works with election officials to organize voting data across the United States, giving voters and developers easier access to useful election information. Stay tuned to learn about ways you can help bring the project to your county or state in preparation for the 2010 elections.