Tech CEOs and founders: Keep the Internet open!

This morning, in an open letter to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, 24 CEOs and founders representing the world's leading Internet and technology companies -- including Facebook, Sony, Amazon, eBay, Twitter, and Google -- threw their support behind the effort to protect an open Internet.

In the letter, the execs express their strong support for the Chairman's plan to begin a process to consider adopting rules that would preserve and promote consumers' open and robust access to the Internet, explaining:

An open Internet fuels a competitive and efficient marketplace, where consumers make the ultimate choices about which products succeed and which fail. This allows businesses of all sizes, from the smallest startup to larger corporations, to compete, yielding maximum economic growth and opportunity.

These companies have succeeded largely thanks to the open Internet, the world's ultimate platform for innovation, economic growth, and free expression -- an environment where consumers, not broadband providers, choose winners and losers.